Onto the Future

I have been asked numerous times if I am getting out of politics or giving up on running for any office after ’14. The answer is most definitely no. I will stay on as chair of the Hernando LP. There I will continue to push liberty forward in my county. As for my campaign, it has already been refocused onto the future, ’16 and beyond. I have plans and have already started to enact them. ’14 is far from the end of my goal to Reclaim Liberty. So stick around, there is way more to this story to come.

Campaign Keeps Rolling On

Just a quick update. The campaign is going well. Attended a Red Light Camera protest a few days ago. Saw some great support to remove those unconstitutional things. I collected a few petitions for my campaign, but more importantly I drew attention to the petition to get the cameras removed.

If you want to keep up to date on whats coming and going with my campaign please visit my Facebook page. Its available for public viewing so you do not have to sign up to view whats posted.

In Liberty,
Matthew Schnackenberg

The Town Hall

Today I went to the incumbent Republican candidate Richard Nugent’s Town Hall event. Here is a copy of my response to what was said from the campaign’s FaceBook page:

After going to Rich Nugent’s town hall, I must say he almost sounds like he knows what he is talking about. Of course, he only seems to have figured out half the issues facing this nation and is only able to display them on a PowerPoint presentation. He does not have the answers or understanding of the issues to actually solve them.

The first major thing he had no real answer for was future funding of Medicare and Social Security. He had lovely graphs showing there was a problem. He admitted there is a problem. His answer seemingly though was the fair tax? Then he proudly declared he voted for the Amash Amendment. He really did not present his the answers to fix these program’s funding. He just rolled right into tax reform with no clear answers so I guess he thought was that if we tax fairly we can stabilize the two programs. (Later on when he was asked where the funds went. He correctly answered that it was stolen when the SSI fund was shifted into the general fund. So good for him for knowing at least where the funds went.)

During his tax reform spiel he rightly declared we need to get rid of 75,000 pages of tax code. I agree because that is a major hindrance to bring prosperity to our nation. He went on that he wants to see a “resetting taxation back to day one.” The problem with this statement is that it does not solve the issue posed by the 16th Amendment. Until we eliminate the federal income tax we cannot reset our nation’s tax code back to how our founding fathers wanted it to be.

In the closing of Nugent’s presentation he went on to focus upon immigration. He gave a very pleasant tale of a family who is legally here on a visa. The family has been very successful having lived the American dream by starting a successful large business here that employs numerous individuals. Unfortunately their daughter is almost 21, so she can be deported once she turns that age. He gave no real solution to the family’s problems. It is hard to tell where he stands. He clearly doesn’t want over-regulated borders based on his views that he wants immigration easier, but he doesn’t want wide-open borders either. What he failed to state is what he exactly wants.

My answer to this is quite simple. If you remove the restrictions we have on immigration and return to the way it was we will have open enough borders to promote legal immigration and reduce illegal immigration. It would allow people to just have to check in at a desk, fill out some papers, and get their visas or apply citizenship. This is what we need. We would still keep our border guards in place to prevent forceful invasions and people from just trucking in people, drugs, etc. We just make immigration simple and painless again.

During the Q&A, he was asked numerous times about the VA and Syria.

For the VA, he admitted that the VA wastes a lot of money. Overspends and fails to properly budget expenditures. It seems that maybe we should look into having private accountants do the budgeting and handle expenditures if they are constantly blowing past budgets and failing to provide for our Veterans’ expanding needs because of it. If we did this, we would save money and better those veterans that drastically need help.

On Syria, he doesn’t support another armed conflict. He stands against it. I’m pleased to hear that he does. Again though, he has no thoughts on how to stop a war with Syria or any other unconstitutional conflicts. He knows the president can simply go around congress with nearly no issue because few are willing to acknowledge the logical truth that wars and conflicts cost money. If we defund the armed conflict, there cannot be an armed conflict.